What Ever Happened to American Ingenuity??

Adapting to a new situation

"People are dying and that’s a horrible thing but we can’t just shut down the country."

Why Can't We Find a Middle Ground?

There seem to be two sides to the COVID19 crisis, the ones who want to open the country regardless of the infections and deaths, and the other ones who want to close everything. What we should be doing is two fold.

  1. First, things will never be the old normal. COVID19 is only one of the thousands of up and coming viruses we will face in the future. Normal as we knew it is history.
  2. Second, let’s start looking for ways to adapt to the new world in which we are now living. 

We seem to have lost our ability to be creative. I have noticed some businesses have accepted the reality of the new world and started looking for ways to live in it. Those are the businesses that will survive; the others will become part of history with the old normal.

A large part of the problem is the current divisiveness in the country created and supported by a self-serving child bully bent on destroying the country. But the real problem is the so-called leaders who sanction this child’s actions over the good of the country.

Having the Right Leadership Is Everything

In a month, we will all have an opportunity to shift the current stale thinking leaders to those who have fresh ideas that can help all of us visualize and implement the new normal, hopefully one without all the -isms that have plagued the country since its founding. White is not right; justice, equity, and equality are characteristics of what is right.

We will either get back on the right path or we will cease to exist.

Stupidity + Arrogance + Power= Disaster

Our stupid ass of a vice president goes into a hospital to visit a Coronavirus ward. And does he wear a mask? No, he's a dumb ass and doesn't see or care that his example may cost people their lives because they won't wear a mask after seeing this moron not wearing a mask. How inconsiderate, narrow minded, and stupid can any one person in power be! Well, we know now, because we have an example. TrumpMonkey's buddy is as stupid as he is.

My only question is, How much longer will we tolerate stupidity in positions of power and access to dangerous weapons? These people are affecting the lives of hundreds of thousands of other people who don't deserve to be treated with such disrespect. What are we going to do about it, is my next question. What can we do about it, is a related question. And why are all these so called representatives and senators not acting to remove these idiots, and replace them with someone with at least half a brain?