Stupidity + Arrogance + Power= Disaster

Our stupid ass of a vice president goes into a hospital to visit a Coronavirus ward. And does he wear a mask? No, he's a dumb ass and doesn't see or care that his example may cost people their lives because they won't wear a mask after seeing this moron not wearing a mask. How inconsiderate, narrow minded, and stupid can any one person in power be! Well, we know now, because we have an example. TrumpMonkey's buddy is as stupid as he is.

My only question is, How much longer will we tolerate stupidity in positions of power and access to dangerous weapons? These people are affecting the lives of hundreds of thousands of other people who don't deserve to be treated with such disrespect. What are we going to do about it, is my next question. What can we do about it, is a related question. And why are all these so called representatives and senators not acting to remove these idiots, and replace them with someone with at least half a brain?