Time for a brief reference to the Bill of Rights

The Bill of Rights (Amendments 1 - 10) | National Center for Constitutional Studies:

Amendment 1
- Freedom of Religion, Speech, and the Press

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof, or abridging the freedom of speech or of the press, or the right of the people peaceably to assemble and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

Amendment 2
- The Right to Bear Arms

A well-regulated Militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed.

Within the context of the current situation, there is a focus on Amendment 2 but what about Amendment 1? I have seen numerous abuses of that amendment. Citizenship requires an all or none choice to follow the laws of the land.

What I am seeing now is an abuse and disregard for Amendment 1 by the supposed “leader” of the U.S. but it follows a pattern of self-serving decisions that continue to hurt the country. He hates it when someone or some organization refuses to accept everything he says as truth.

Where are the other so-called elected officials, the Senators that choose to ignore the actions leading us to ruin? By no standards are his actions those of a President. They are the actions of a deranged child bully. 

What will it take for you equally self-serving “Senators” to take the actions necessary to save the country?

Further dumbing down of America

Doesn’t get any worse than this…

Isn't it enough we have a boy bully calling himself a highly intelligent leader? Evidently, there are more important things than crappy healthcare and economic decline coupled with record debt. The pressing issue after the most recent presidential debate was instead why Ellen sat next to George Bush at a football game!

Our resident monkey and his self-seeking cronies have seemingly been successful at nursing the innate ignorance of the average dumbass and helping it come to the surface. We have succumbed to the narcotic “bread and circuses” spewed out by the rich to pacify the masses. “Fucked” is the most descriptive term for the current state of the country. Idiocy and a pet monkey...

Veterans Day or Just More Bullshit?

We are about to celebrate another Veterans Day and honor the veterans in our country but do we really understand what we're honoring them for?

Is it because they got shot at? Is it because they killed people? I don't believe that's the truth. It's a matter of having gone away from family and friends into a hostile environment to stand for the rights of people in this country and the belief that people can enter this country, become citizens, and contribute to our diverse culture. It's about the right to protest and question our leaders.

Under the current moron, that's a bunch of bullshit! He has no clue what it means to sacrifice for this country. He is a spoonfed child who throws temper tantrums to make himself feel better and demeans others who disagree with him for the good feeling he gets.

Ashamed to be an American today and definitely ashamed to be honored as a veteran today.

The Freudian Slip or as Bubba Would Put It: A Good Ole Boy Done Screwed Up!

We are in a new era of colorblind racism. Racists, sexists, and other -ists try to hide their true feelings but if you listen, you can “hear” those feelings. For example, here is a quote from a Fox and Friends blatherer, Brian Kilmeade:

And on Friday morning, "Fox and Friends" co-host Brian Kilmeade expressed that lack of compassion remarkably clearly. Here's what he said (per Mediaite):

"Like it or not, these aren't our kids. Show them compassion, but it's not like he is doing this to the people of Idaho or Texas. These are people from another country and now people are saying that they're more important than people in our country who are paying taxes and who have needs as well."

Truth Revealed in the Heat of the Moment

White racists use a type of sentinel behavior to check the status of new White acquaintances. This “sentinel behavior” is a process White racists use to test a newcomer’s loyalty to Whiteness. Conversations start with innocuous subjects and progress to “party line” topics. If the newcomer continues to agree, a sensitive topic is presented. In this way, the White racist can “test the waters” to decide if this is a comrade or someone to be ostracized and excluded.

Forgetting the broad distribution of news media— duh, it is “broadcasting” —Kilmeade got careless, feeling the loving embrace of his racist buddies, and broadcasted his true feelings in the heat of the moment.

Oops! Uh, I didn’t mean it…

The crawfish retreat begins:

Kilmeade later apologized for the comment via Twitter. "Of course-I didn't mean to make it seem like children coming into the U.S. illegally are less important because they live in another country," he tweeted. "I have compassion for all children, especially for all the kids separated from their parents right now."

Caught with his pants around his ankles, he fumbles for some way out of the awkward situation but it is too late. His true feelings have been exposed for all to see.

Like-minded Whites will rationalize this series of events by saying that other Fox and Friends loyalists chastised him for the comment and that makes it okay. Well, most of the chastisement was aimed at Kilmeade’s stupidity by letting others know the hidden ideology of the White racist: anyone not like us is less than us and undeserving of any of our resources. It was not about concern for the kids but about covering up the hidden agenda.

Time to Wake Up, Folks

There is a saying,

where there is no law, there is a lawyer and where there is a law, there is a lawyer.

Get It?

We have a three branch government and the reason for that, from my understanding as a citizen, is so each branch of the government checks the other branch to make sure that no one group has complete power over activities in the United States. At least that’s what I remember from my high school civics class. What seems to have taken place is the lawyerizing of the constitution to give TrumpMonkey ultimate power over decisions that can affect the entire country.

Sometimes, common sense must take precedence over legal smoke and mirrors.

Regardless of legal proclamations or any other rationalization, We the People need to focus on the ultimate goal of the founders of the country:

to protect the rights of the citizens of this country since the government should be by the people and for the people.

At some point, we need our congressmen to take responsibility for what is happening to this country , grow some balls, and impeach this moron before he puts us in a hole that none of us can climb out of.

I'm sure the same things were written and said in Nazi Germany before Hitler came to power but we don't seem to learn from history. Instead, we seem to repeat it constantly.

Wake up, America!

At some point, we need our congressmen to take responsibility for what is happening to this country, grow some balls, and impeach this moron before he puts us in a hole that none of us can climb out of.

I'm sure the same things were written and said in Nazi Germany before Hitler came to power but we don't seem to learn from history. Instead, we seem to repeat it constantly.

Wake up, America!

The Turn Indicator

Why is this a part of newly-manufactured vehicles? No-one seems to know how to use them anyway. It is a reflection of a mindset most in this society seem to have. If it does not immediately affect me, I won’t bother with it.

Most are not aware that the little things DO affect them.

If they took the time to think about the larger picture, many things would change but that rarely happens.

Simple things make the complexity of life.

Why do we never see this? Maybe we do but really don’t care. I don’t know…

In any case, the results are the same, regardless of mindset.

Back to the Turn Indicator…

There are multiple categories of individuals using this simple device. Maybe these could be typologies of stupidity?? Ha!

Those Who Don’t Use Turn Indicators

The obvious and sadly, the largest group. Why? Who knows… I believe it is a symptom of a superficial life. There is a reason toy manufacturers make blocks big when making block toys for young children. Kids’ minds are still developing and not ready for the details of life. When I was a kid, we made houses from cardboard boxes and hung blankets over chairs for play shelters. We never considered the details that comprise complex dwellings. We thought the shelters would be just fine as they were. Some people are nothing more than grown kids. As a society, we have “dumbed down” over the past few decades. In a way, we have more idiot savants, experts in one narrow aspect of life, unaware of all other things. Rain Man could do some wild things but couldn’t talk to another person or fix his own meals. Sadly, the idiot savants we have today are experts in video game playing or posting to social media. Few understand—or care to understand—those life-changing events happening around them every day. Turn indicators? No clue.

Others in this group are those that know better. Older people focused on themselves and their activities. No consideration for others because others don’t count in their world unless they can profit from them.

Those Who Don’t Know How to Properly Use Turn Indicators

This group sometimes makes me laugh but usually create chaos for others. The whole point of this device is to let others know your intentions BEFORE your actions. What good does it do to use a turn indicator just before making the turn? None. Those in this group cannot understand the dirty looks or honking horns. So many of the world’s problems would be easier to face with a bit of communication. This can be generalized to simple things like a smile, an acknowledgment, a “thank you,” a “have a good day,” or other small acts of kindness to make someone else feel better.

The Few Who Understand Turn Indicator Use

These are few and I am one of them. I use a turn indicator even when no other people are visible. One day, I signaled when preparing to make a turn into a parking lot with no others near my vehicle. My granddaughter asked me why I did that and I replied with one word: “Habit.” This carries over to other areas. How long does it take to add a “have a nice day” to an email, or a “thank you”? Not long but the effects can be significant although not seen.

It is really about considerate behavior, not turn indicators.

It is really about considerate behavior, not turn indicators; those are one of many considerations making life a little bit better for others. Just because I don’t like very many people doesn’t mean I don’t respect life. We are all part of the larger body and each part is significant in some way. Why not make things a bit better? Doesn’t cost anything and doesn’t take long. (I will even acknowledge those I consider wrong or stupid with a nod.)

As much as we might not want to acknowledge it, we are all dependent on other people and things around us. We can at least acknowledge it.

Hide The Protestors

The latest NFL decision follows the typical dominant group bullshit rules to hide the protestors by making them stay in the locker room defeats the whole reason to protest: to let others see the disagreements and maybe, just maybe, ask why they are in disagreement.

Moving toward a Fascist system includes suppressing disagreement of any kind and hiding the protest is a form of suppression. Protesters during GW’s “reign” were sequestered inside a fenced area miles from the entourage.

Not a big deal, you say...what did the German people say when Hitler was doing the same things?

Wake up!

Bubbaville and “Loyalty”

One thing has always been a mystery to me. The three stooges in this house have a rebel flag flying and a pro-TrumpMonkey sign in the yard as if he would give any of them the time of day much less associate with them. So, why the loyalty to a rich–although not super wealthy–1-percenter?

Sadly, the answer is about permissions. His very presence in the highest office of the land gives them and other racist, sexist rednecks permission and license to overtly express their ignorance without fear of reprisals. Their once concealed stupidity is now sanctioned by a self-serving child with obscene power to destroy lives.

Some would say it is their right to express their views and that is a right of all Americans. If that’s all they did, no problem. But it doesn’t stop there. Those expressions of hate for those different people combined with clinging to their white skin makes them dangerous to others and that is NOT a right.

Our country has fallen to a new low from which we may not recover.

TrumpMonkey is a big part but the real problem is the silent acquiescence of those elected officials whose only concern is their self preservation. Sad indeed…

A More Dangerous World… Some Thoughts

While we have always lived in a society that favors a normalized, white model, one that reserves power and privilege to those who fit that norm, acts reinforcing -isms have been covertly perpetuated. There have always been open acts but limited in scope. The majority continued to hide their true natures…until now.

A major shift in the political structure is now occurring. A person who has proclaimed himself to be racist, sexist, classist, exhibiting other disparaging behavior toward those different from him will soon lead us. While he denies these behaviors, there is now a public record that invalidates those denials.

The shift in political structure is more about institutional -isms than about political ideology. The frame is the norm of whiteness which leaders validate as acceptable and desirable. Politics and power are inseparable because human beings write and pass legislation. Other human beings feed their needs by reinforcing the actions that perpetuate Whiteness.

The overt behaviors of the leaders of the country have given license to those less powerful to broadcast their -isms through both words and actions. This is now happening at all levels. Schools are reporting an increase in racist, sexist acts of violence toward those students considered “different” and therefore, inferior and a threat. There is an increase in violent acts toward non-Christians, especially Muslims, deemed as the “enemy.” It is more common to see whites in coffee shops, stores, and other public places glaring at anyone who looks or acts differently.

Why are there -isms?

Why do we have -isms? That is a complex problem that has many possible answers depending upon one’s philosophy. For example, a psychologist might say -isms result from an inferiority complex; individuals project their inadequacies on others rather than face who they are. School children demonstrate this behavior as they tease or even bully other students. It becomes life-threatening when done by adults. An economist would see this as behavior to protect individual wealth and property by excluding others from access to it. There are many ways to explain the phenomenon but the result is always the same. The dominant person continues to benefit from the behavior while the recipient suffers the consequences.

World History is Rife with Injustice and Oppression

Social injustice is not something unique to the “New World.” People fleeing Europe did so to escape those conditions. Societies have always evolved into systems of power, privilege, and domination, excluding those redefined as the Others. Pecking orders seem to be inherent in social structures of all kinds, at all levels. I am not saying this to justify such structures but to draw attention to the need to have a plan in place if those structures are removed. Again, history is replete with revolutions, coups, and assassinations that created a power vacuum soon filled by another often worse group of leaders.

Whiteness and Dominance

Whites are so immersed in whiteness that the effects of their own privilege slip past their consciousness, never to be considered as contributing factors to the skewed distribution of resources and opportunities that have placed white males in most positions of decision-making. They can consider the troubles of others while remaining aloof and unaffected by them. They can perform a beneficent act to assuage any hint of guilt that may somehow find its way to their awareness. All the while, they move through my life, attributing their unearned privileges to personal hard work and achievement. The common denominator of dominance and hegemony centers on elite, rich, white men as the model on which to base normalcy. Others elaborate, describing it as a paternalistic, elitist, capitalist, white supremacist power structure. However worded, the ultimate gatekeepers are the same group. This is the whiteness that allows domination to run rampant, perpetuating itself with a vengeance exacted upon the Others, primarily people of color, who somehow remain at the "bottom of the well" of society. Clerks in stores watch Black people while white people steal them blind; a tag team of shoplifters that uses White storekeepers’ racism against them. In a peer group composed of women and people of color, the group almost always considers white men to be the authority figures although they may have done nothing to show that.  Beverly Tatum (1999) called racism a smog we all breathe, but white people seem to have invisible gas masks because few ever confront whiteness. Perpetuation of structural whiteness has been accomplished by establishing a "normalized" model that is elite, rich, white, and male. Media representations, schooling, and legislation all support this model that portrays a strange, commonsense, "white as right" epistemology. Since this white epistemology permeates every aspect of life, it is reasonable to assume that it also normalizes both feeling and emotive expression (R. Turner, 1976).

The only true beneficiaries of whiteness are white men although other groups—white women, lighter-skinned groups, and even well-to-do people of color—are superficially included. In this dominant and hegemonic system, those whom it favors have the privilege to ignore the life-threatening effects that others experience daily. White men continue to ignore or suppress this paternalistic, white supremacist power structure because it showers them with unmerited power, privilege, and advantages. Thus, they continue to consciously and subconsciously support this oppressive system. In a similar manner, the normalized model, reinforced by media, schooling, and other social structures, often assimilates people of color. By playing their roles in the dominant system, they may also support the system that oppresses them or at the least, be complicitous in it by not confronting it. There is no assurance that anyone in these groups will work for social justice even when confronted with their positions. However, until reaching that initial awareness, there is no chance for further change. For the critical pedagogue, leading the student to a new awareness becomes the crucial first step to learning and change.


This is a complex, convoluted issue that may never be fully resolved. Meanwhile, it grows more menacing with sanctioning from the country’s leaders.

Finally!! It’s Out in the Open for All to See!!

Finally, we have some honesty in business. The real “way it is” is now public!

"I'm working for you now -- I'm not working for Trump," he told supporters at a rally in this key Western swing state Monday.
- via CNN

This is not about Trump; this is about the way that this country operates, about a system that is designed to keep most of its population’s nose to the grindstone, serving the 1% of the country so that they can continue to legally and according to the mantra of neoliberal capitalism, “ethically” operate.

In his first day on the campaign trail after The New York Times reported that he had reported losing nearly $1 billion in a single year in tax filings, and could legally have gone as many as 18 years without paying income taxes afterward, Trump confronted the issue head-on. He said that in business, "it's my job to minimize the overall tax burden."
- via CNN

Truth spoken: it is the business of powerful people to stay in power. Nothing hidden here! “Legal losses” do not equate to real losses as anyone in business could affirm.

Bottom Line to this Brief Post

Since the founding of this country, the rule has been the same. If you have wealth (regardless of how you got it), you can find ways to keep it and even make it grow because you also have the power to manipulate legislation in your favor. Further, you can create a normalized model that promotes a myth of equal opportunity founded on an ethical system that favors profit over everything, including peoples’ welfare. This system is so entrenched in the U.S. that those in that upper echelon consider manipulating the system as something to be proud of.

"I have legally used the tax laws to my benefit ... Honestly, I have brilliantly used those laws," Trump said.
- via CNN

Nuf said...