The Profile of a Child Bully

Donald Trump Is Afraid of the White House Protests - The Atlantic:

Past presidents have sought to play a healing role when the nation is on edge, but Trump’s instinct is to plunge into combustible circumstances in ways that rouse his base. He encourages protests that align with his interests. Eager to see an economic revival, Trump last month egged on demonstrators who pressed Democratic governors to ease stay-at-home orders despite the coronavirus threat. “LIBERATE” Michigan, Virginia, and Minnesota, he tweeted. (Some protesters showed up in the Michigan state Capitol with guns and tactical gear).

At a campaign rally in December, he watched as security removed a protester. “Get her out,” he said from the stage. He faulted a security guard for being “politically correct” in his methods. “He didn’t do the greatest job,” Trump said. At a Las Vegas rally during the 2016 campaign, Trump said of a protester who’d shown up: “I’d like to punch him in the face,” and also criticized security personnel for treating the person too gingerly.

Bullies only know one way to handle any disagreement with their agenda: get rid of the source. The President of the U.S. Is supposed to be a leader capable of negotiating to keep the balance of power internationally AND working with his own people to find a balance for the good of all. This moron only sees himself and what he wants. He is a weak person with power sanctioned by the office, a recipe for disaster.

If we continue to leave him in office, he will destroy any remaining good in this country.