Get ready for a campaign season full of China-Covid conspiracy theories – CNN

Get ready for a campaign season full of China-Covid conspiracy theories - CNN:

Updated 6:49 PM ET, Thu May 7, 2020

(CNN)Attacking China has now become the centerpiece for the upcoming 2020 election campaign by an increasingly desperate Republican Party and its vulnerable leadership.

The Shell Game

I guess the main question to ask when writing this post is, “How stupid are the American people?” The media is flooded with talk of conspiracy theories, the “who dun it” stories about origins of the coronavirus. Why is this important as we sit in the midst of infection and death? Will knowing provide PPE and vaccines? Will knowing encourage people to practice safe distancing and masking to reduce the thousands of deaths? A person would have to be really ignorant to believe any of these things yet this is the focus of talk on social media.

Now, let's look at the contrasting facts, the things we can act on. The U.S. was one of the least prepared countries when it really mattered. Leading scientists and health organizations warned us early in the spread this was a virulent threat to humanity and it was coming our way. This was not a conspiracy theory but was something real that we should have been prepared to prevent and treat. However, the Toddler in Chief chose to ignore it, telling us it would just go away. Here we sit today approaching 100,000 deaths and well over a million cases. States are still not adequately prepared and like the child leader, many are choosing to ignore it, hoping for the best. 

You ask how the two issues are different. Why focus on the shortcomings (a mild way to phrase a poor attempt at leadership) of a self-centered, apathetic, boy leader? Just having to ask the question is a sad and shameful situation. We are being led into hopelessness by someone who has surrounded himself with impotent pseudo-leaders who only know how to agree with his rantings and blatant errors in fact and judgement. 

Shooting from the hip is a mild way of stating the obvious lack of stable thought processes. Don’t like what he says? Wait a minute and he will change, swaying with the far right news pundits and their fictive blather. 

We Can Do Something about the Idiot in Charge

  • We can call, write the representatives who support his idiocy.
  • We can fact check his lies.
  • We can vote.

What Would You Do if Your Boss Acted Like This?

I can guarantee you the company Board of Trustees would kick that boss to the curb for wasting resources. Sadly, the difference in this case is those resources include human lives.

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