The United States or the Untied States??

The more I see about this pandemic, the sadder and angrier I become. It amazes me that we can crank out candy bars and all kinds of molded toys but we can’t crank out enough N-95 masks for those who are treating the sick? The only way I can express it is, “What a fucking joke!” We are led by a clown who is supported by greedy, self-seeking subhumans who could provide all the PPEs needed on the planet and never miss the money.

I just read about Dyson’s shift to produce ventilators. Retooled and producing in 10 days! Is producing 15,000 of them and guess what??!! Selling them to the UK!

We are in the midst of a situation that should draw us together to quickly address the needs of our people but instead, disorganization, chaos, and in the midst of it, a self-seeking, boy child who became “president.” We are one big fucking joke…

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