A Self-serving and Ungrateful Boy-Child

This has been bothering me all morning. I need to talk about it a little bit. I just read an article this morning and there's something like 25,000 veterans who are serving in the armed forces and they're all getting deported at some point in time, because this stupid ass we have for President decided that he didn't want them in the country; doesn't seem like they matter to Captain Bone Spurs. They enlisted and are fighting for us, but he's not going to give them any benefits and he's going to kick them out of the country when they finish.

This is the jackass who never served because he paid a doctor to diagnose hime with bone spurs and got out of doing any service in the military. Now he's turning on the veterans who were there to serve the country to provide defense and support.

So, what do we do with this stupid son of a bitch? Who's going to be the one who finally says we've had enough of this shit and let's get rid of this monkey-ass moron. I don't see it happening but I wish it would, because it really really pisses me off. I don't have any way to do it that I can think of except for writing and voting, so that's what I'll do. Even though this piece may not make any difference. I still want to do it just for my own sanity. I don't know; it just seems there's so many things that people are willing to overlook because of race and ethnocentrism, and it's really irritating.

Whatever happens from this point forward is on all of our shoulders because we been too eager to serve ourselves and forget that the country needs all of us working together to make it a good country. People here and across the world are dying because of an idiot. We get this Junkyard Dog into the White House who destroys almost everything good that’s ever been done, and continues to do so, thinking that he's right about everything when he's wrong about almost everything. No one will stand up to him because they're all afraid they're going to lose the vote of their moron constituents. Those are the people that I worry about because there'll be around no matter what happens, they will be around after he's long gone. So I don't know, it's really goofy. The world truly is an insane place…

How can any veteran support such a buffoon who seeks his own agenda over the good and security of the nation?

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