Treating the Symptoms, Not the Disease

I was watching commercial about the work of Danny Thomas to provide cancer care for children. His daughter, Marlo, was asking for donations to help support the work and I thought about how we focus on the wrong things. What is causing cancer? Not the physical processes but the causes of the physical dysfunctions. We ignore the air, water, food, and even many “medicines” that deliver the deadly catalysts and instead focus on the results.

We always seem to treat the symptoms of deadly disease. I am not talking about a physical disease; it is a psychological one. Whether it be cancer or poverty, it kills legions each year but we continue to focus on the symptoms and ignore the disease.

Greed and avarice form the roots of the real disease, which is manifest through the masses of the non-elite, the excluded, the Other. All the -isms form the symptoms of this disease.

The culprits are those who support exploitation in the name of business ethics. The “green rule” in business is, “Fuck your brother but do so in secrecy so he will not know it is happening until the profit has been made and he cant do anything about it.” Capitalism in the Neo-liberal expression has left us a legacy of death from which we will not recover. We seem to ignore it like the giant elephant in the room because we are subconsciously vested in it either voluntarily or of necessity to survive. From the elite who justifies exploitation to the working class person who cannot destroy the support system, we are all caught in its web. The protesters who still voice concerns are the young and the liberal whites. The first still think they can change the world and the second act from a comfortable, sterilized bubble, unaware of the reality most people live each day. There's a monster on the loose and it has our heads in the noose, and it just sits there watching... Steppenwolf

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