Veterans Day or Just More Bullshit?

We are about to celebrate another Veterans Day and honor the veterans in our country but do we really understand what we're honoring them for?

Is it because they got shot at? Is it because they killed people? I don't believe that's the truth. It's a matter of having gone away from family and friends into a hostile environment to stand for the rights of people in this country and the belief that people can enter this country, become citizens, and contribute to our diverse culture. It's about the right to protest and question our leaders.

Under the current moron, that's a bunch of bullshit! He has no clue what it means to sacrifice for this country. He is a spoonfed child who throws temper tantrums to make himself feel better and demeans others who disagree with him for the good feeling he gets.

Ashamed to be an American today and definitely ashamed to be honored as a veteran today.

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