The Turn Indicator

Why is this a part of newly-manufactured vehicles? No-one seems to know how to use them anyway. It is a reflection of a mindset most in this society seem to have. If it does not immediately affect me, I won’t bother with it.

Most are not aware that the little things DO affect them.

If they took the time to think about the larger picture, many things would change but that rarely happens.

Simple things make the complexity of life.

Why do we never see this? Maybe we do but really don’t care. I don’t know…

In any case, the results are the same, regardless of mindset.

Back to the Turn Indicator…

There are multiple categories of individuals using this simple device. Maybe these could be typologies of stupidity?? Ha!

Those Who Don’t Use Turn Indicators

The obvious and sadly, the largest group. Why? Who knows… I believe it is a symptom of a superficial life. There is a reason toy manufacturers make blocks big when making block toys for young children. Kids’ minds are still developing and not ready for the details of life. When I was a kid, we made houses from cardboard boxes and hung blankets over chairs for play shelters. We never considered the details that comprise complex dwellings. We thought the shelters would be just fine as they were. Some people are nothing more than grown kids. As a society, we have “dumbed down” over the past few decades. In a way, we have more idiot savants, experts in one narrow aspect of life, unaware of all other things. Rain Man could do some wild things but couldn’t talk to another person or fix his own meals. Sadly, the idiot savants we have today are experts in video game playing or posting to social media. Few understand—or care to understand—those life-changing events happening around them every day. Turn indicators? No clue.

Others in this group are those that know better. Older people focused on themselves and their activities. No consideration for others because others don’t count in their world unless they can profit from them.

Those Who Don’t Know How to Properly Use Turn Indicators

This group sometimes makes me laugh but usually create chaos for others. The whole point of this device is to let others know your intentions BEFORE your actions. What good does it do to use a turn indicator just before making the turn? None. Those in this group cannot understand the dirty looks or honking horns. So many of the world’s problems would be easier to face with a bit of communication. This can be generalized to simple things like a smile, an acknowledgment, a “thank you,” a “have a good day,” or other small acts of kindness to make someone else feel better.

The Few Who Understand Turn Indicator Use

These are few and I am one of them. I use a turn indicator even when no other people are visible. One day, I signaled when preparing to make a turn into a parking lot with no others near my vehicle. My granddaughter asked me why I did that and I replied with one word: “Habit.” This carries over to other areas. How long does it take to add a “have a nice day” to an email, or a “thank you”? Not long but the effects can be significant although not seen.

It is really about considerate behavior, not turn indicators.

It is really about considerate behavior, not turn indicators; those are one of many considerations making life a little bit better for others. Just because I don’t like very many people doesn’t mean I don’t respect life. We are all part of the larger body and each part is significant in some way. Why not make things a bit better? Doesn’t cost anything and doesn’t take long. (I will even acknowledge those I consider wrong or stupid with a nod.)

As much as we might not want to acknowledge it, we are all dependent on other people and things around us. We can at least acknowledge it.

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