Why A Country’s Leader Needs to Be An Honorable Man

Every day, those who are the backbone of this country lay their lives on the line, their intention to protect the homeland. Every death is a loss to us all. Those women and men who make that ultimate sacrifice should have done so for the right reasons.

To be led by an idiot who makes decisions based on his bowel movements and a news channel is a disgrace to the sacrifice those men make and brings shame on all of us.

Those who continue to allow this idiocy are as responsible as he is, mores because they continue to let him act out his childish, self-serving, narcissistic whims with no regard for those who are hurt by him. They seek their own selfish agenda and forget that their paths are paved with the blood of the Real Americans.

They are responsible for each and every life wasted for an idiot’s agenda.

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